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Jays Storage is able to offer Crane Hire in the North East at a very competitive RATE. Hire costs to include our very experienced crane driver, who will work with you UNTIL the job is done.

The use of Jays Storage team and our HIAB Crane lets you load and unload without additional equipment, becoming hassle free. They can speed up and improve your business. HIAB Crane can perform a wide range of lifting, 360 manoeuvring and manipulating tasks.

Cost and Usage

Our HIAB Crane hire is available throughout the North East 7 days a week. You will work directly with our logistics manager and HIAB Crane driver to ensure every job is completed efficiently and with no problems. Costs can be calculated on an hour basics or special daily rate around locations. Please contact the team for a complete cost.



HIAB Crane Specifications

Jays Storage is able to offer a number of HIAB Cranes. All crane are available to hire as long as you need them. The largest crane we have in our fleet is 8 Tons, which stretches out to 10meters offering a 3-ton lift. Over HIAB Cranes in the fleet are able to lift lowers weights and are smaller for tight access jobs.

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